If you are planning any sort of holiday event, then trust us — you need to hire elves!

Here at San Diego Santas, we have serviced many different kinds of events — everything from large corporate events to small family gatherings! With all of our years of experience, we have a lot of insight into what makes an event successful, and we can guarantee you that one of the best ways to ensure an incredible event is to hire elves! We have three adorable kinds of elves you can choose from — an elf with an orange petal dress, elves with adorable pant outfits, and elves with adorable dresses! Our elves are all trained in various ways to entertain. They are all amazing face painters who can delight your guests with sparkling face paints. They can also do balloon twistings, lead holiday singalongs, or even tell holiday stories. If you want to ensure the success of your event, hire elves!