Don’t just hire Santa, hire his two favorite princesses — our Frozen parody!

Santa Claus may be the Father of Christmas, but the holidays also have some very famous princesses that love to join in the festivities — the Ice Queen and the Snow Princess! Our frozen parodies have been our most popular characters for years, and they now come in a variety of looks! The Ice Queen can come in her traditional “Let it Go” inspired dress, which sparkles from head to toe. Her cape, her gown, even her sleeves are covered in sequins and sparkles! The Ice Queen also comes in her white gown look inspired by the “Show Yourself” scene, and she also has her jacket look. Her sister, the Snow Princess is always the life of the party. Her bubbly personality and zest for life and friendship is contagious! She can come in her traditional pink and blue outfit, her brown adventure outfit, her coronation gown inspired by Frozen 1, or her regal queenly gown inspired by Frozen 2! Both of them would love to come visit your little ones, especially if they get to come along with their good friend Santa Claus! Hire Santa Claus, the Ice Queen, and the Snow Princess today!