Are you having a Christmas gathering this year? Hire Santa to come make a splash at your event!

If you are planning any sort of Christmas gathering this year, then you need to invite Santa! And if you are inviting Santa, then you should hire Santa from San Diego Santas. Here at San Diego Santas, we provide the best quality entertainment guaranteed. We start training our Santa performers as early as August, and some of our Santa performers start growing out their beards as early as February! If that doesn’t show their dedication to making your event truly authentic and magical, I don’t know what will. Also, NONE of our costumes are store bought. They are all custom made and designed to ensure that they are as unique as they are perfect. Don’t waste time worrying if your Santa will be the true Santa — hire Santa from San Diego Santas and have peace of mind knowing that you are getting the best of the best!

Santa Bobby